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On Monday 14/02/05, St Valentine's Day, Committee Member David Glover officially represented RAW and led members on the "Mayor's March".  The 2001 Census figures displayed population figures which were considerably less than the amount featured on local Doctor's lists.  The Central Government Grants were based on Census Figures and Southend in common with many other towns was subject to a shortfall in revenue. 
Southend Mayor, Roger Weaver (Con), with little additional help from Cllr Martin Terry (Ind) organised the "Mayor's March".  Two coachloads of rep
resentatives from all walks of life in Southend supported the protest.  Conservative, Independent and Liberal Democrat Councillors, Pensioner's Groups, Religious Groups, Trade Unions and numerous other local groups took part.  Labour Councillors were noticeable by their absence as they did not wish to demonstrate against their Government.  A Submission regarding the 2001 Census figures opposing financial cuts and a bouquet of flowers for Cherie Blair were presented to Prime Minister Tony Blair's (Lab) Office at "Number 10" by representatives whilst the remainder protested, waved banners and were photographed directly opposite the entrance to Downing Street by an accompanying photographer from the Southend Echo Newspaper. The London presentation and protests were arranged by David Amess MP (Con) who had very kindly facilitated matters at the "City end".  Afterwards we even managed some sightseeing before catching the return coach towards home.      

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