London Southend Airport.
London Southend Airport is an historic site and is an important asset to Southend on Sea.

Southend Airport was an important and busy WW1,WW2, Battle of Britain military and civilian/commercial aerodrome/airfield.

Throughout it's life Southend Airport has been known by several names (TBD).

The recent programme of airport building works, modernisations and runway extensions have led to an increase in air traffic and freight/passenger flights in excess of previous records.

Unfortunately some Leigh and Westcliff residents have complained about perceived disturbance caused by aircraft noise.

There is an important legal principle, which simply put, states;
if the nuisance moves to you then there is a claim,
if you move to the nusance then there is no claim.

In othe words; if you don't appreciate aircraft and/or noise don't buy and/or rent property near an airport!  

It is easy to forget; that throughout the 1960's and 1970's, Southend Airport was the third busiest airport in the UK until it was surpassed by Stanstead Airport.

Fortunately the noise footprint of modern jet/turboprop aircraft is considerably less, than that of, the piston engined aircraft that were flown from the airport in previous years.

More information to follow.

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