Expelled members.

The persons named below do not represent RAOW 2012 or the former RAW in any way, shape or form and have not been members of any of these groups since their expulsion in mid 2011.

Title                   Name                                       From                To
Member             Mr Alan Grubb                        21.01.11            10.06.11*
Member             Miss Michelle Grubb              21.01.11            10.06.11*
Member             Mrs Irene Grubb                     21.01.11            11.06.11*
Member             Miss Lydia Sookias                21.01.11            13.06.11*
Member             Mrs Sylvia Sookias                 21.01.11            13.06.11*
Member             Mr David Batter                       21.01.11            16.06.11*
Member             Mr Peter Duncan                     21.01.11            16.06.11*
Member             Mr John Grubb                       21.01.11            10.07.11*

Notes.  *  Membership renewed late on 21/01/11 at AGM.  The membership
year officially ran from 01 January to 31 December every year.

Notes.  *  Membership terminated on said date by unanimous vote. 
Notes.  *  We will provide full details of the expulsions at a later date as
               we believe said details to be in the public interest.

Notes.     On the 20/05/11 we held an EGM to inform members of the circumstances that had


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