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Unincorporated associations usually have a wide variety of members with differing personalities.  Such groups must accept members on face value as they can not discriminate.  In other words groups tend to accept members as they walk through the door.

Sometimes, however, individual members can exhibit such extreme behaviour that you might wonder why they were allowed to join in the first place.  In those rare instances when extreme and unacceptable behaviour can not and will not be moderated by said individuals then they will be subject to the ultimate sanction of expulsion from the group.

Sometimes; you wouldn't believe what comes out of these joker's mouths!  ED; or how they behave!  

In fact; we have more than enough to write a book or televisiom series about these people; something between Dad's Army, Vicar of Dibley and the New Statesman.  Maybe even; "Carry on Councillors".

We list some of their "more" amusing and revealing statements and unusual acts and behaviour. 

These were the people that the Ward Councillors chose to join and actively support. 

Each and every statement has been witnessed and or verified unless otherwise stated.
Mr David Batter.

His long term feud with Mr Danny Cooch was feature in an episode of Neighours from Hell on national televIsion on ITV1.

Batter was excluded from the Royal British Legion, Westcliff on Sea, for several years after being involved in a serious altercation and disturbence.  Eventualy his membership was renewed.  Manageress Jill M Stone subsequently stated;
"The only reason we let him back in was because we ran out of reasons to keep him out"!

We were warned about Batter's behaviour by a serving Essex Police Officer; Officer X.

In early 2009 RAW opposed the creation of Pole Dolls dance studio after members raised concerns.  The dance studio was situated opposite Chalkwell Park at 5 Southbourne Grove, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, SS0 9UW.  We felt pole dancing was highly inappropriate to an area containing the busy Chalkwell Park, Chalkwell Infant's and Junior Schools and a walking route to said schools.  Two main road bus stops used by several senior schools were nearby.  In addition four other local schools were within close proximity (ie easy walking distance).

In 2009 Batter invited Vicki Stansfield; a dancer and manageress for Pole Dolls to a RAW general meeting (without our prior agreement and knowledge) and asked at short notice that we allow her to give a talk presenting their case.  We were taken by surprise and caught unawares and let her address the meeting.  Vicki spoke of the health and fitness advantages of pole dancing.  She also mentioned someome had deliberately smashed windows to the front of the building by throwing bricks.  Vicki stated that lorries were seen to slow down as they pulled into Southbourne Grove as their drivers peered into the dance studio windows.  Obviously feeling were aroused and there was some strong local opposition.  The business subsequently closed at a later date. 

Bater was subsequently warned not to commit an unauthorised act (ie a freewheeling stunt) like that again.

Making sex safe - Vicki Stansfield believes there is a case for legalising brothels

Vicki Stansfield.

On Monday 26 February 2007 Vicki Stansfield had previously been described as a brothel madame in an article in the Echo Newspaper.  

On Friday 23 April 2010 Vicki Stansfield wasa subsequently described as a former prostitute in an article in the Echo Newspaper.

On Wednesday 23/03/11 Batter included Inger Nybakken in an email to RAW.  We were forced to warn him that emails drafted by third parties or third party CC's would not be tolerated in any RAW correspondence.  

Kevin, Sylvia, Tony, Michelle, Linda and Julian - part of the team out yesterday

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