About us.
The Residents' Association Of Westborough (RAOW) 2012 is exclusively managed by the RAOW 2012 executive committee comprising of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

RAOW 2012 was formed by the formal merger of the Resident's Association of Westborough (RAW) with Westborough Resident's Association (WRA) and Westcliff Recall Society (WRS) in 2012.

RAOW 2012 operates within strict moral and legal guidelines and will not condone unlawful behaviour.

Our website is currently being enlarged, modernised and updated as befits an officially designated resident's association.

Our patron is Sir David Amess MP with whom we liaise on a regular basis.

We have operated since 2001 (as RAW) and have a wealth of experience. 

We have even been mentioned in Hansard.


The Union Jack (aka Union Flag) and the flag of England (aka St George's Cross) above 10 Downing Street.

We are proud to be British and English and live in the United Kingdom.
RAW was always best defined, as a community based pressure group and RAOW 2012 continues with that legacy.
We have recently completed a process of remerger and reorganisation.  More of which; anon. 

RAOW 2012 is run independently of Ward Councillors and has a 100% zero tolerance policy towards bullying, corruption, discrimination, inequality, racism, partisan and unlawful behaviour and last but not least, paedophilia. 
RAOW 2012 aims to be 100% apolitical in as much as we are not connected to and do not support any particular political party.
We do however reserve the right to criticise or indeed, support, groups, individuals, political parties and/or politicians as we see fit.

In other words; if it's great, good, mediocre, poor, bad, funny or just plain downright ridiculous; we might just point it out!


No part of this site can be copied without the express permission of RAOW 2012.
All material copyright © RAOW 2012.
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