News File.
A varied selection of news stories.
Barhams Timber Yard development.
Early protests and the campaign for a health centre on site. Insert details. 

On Thursday 22/04/04 three suspected brothels in Fairfax Drive and West Road in Westcliff and Kiln Road in Thundersley, were simultaneously raided by Essex Police and Immigration Officers after complaints from neighbours in both areas and RAW in Westcliff. 

Cllr Dr Velmurugan stood as an independent candidate in the Thursday 5th May 2005 general election in Southend West against the incumbent, David Amess MP.  Velmurugan later stated; "It was to get back at the local Labour Party" after his defection from Labour to Independent.  However the local Conservatives took this as a betrayal as Velmurugan was always fraternising with and supporting them.
On Sunday 25/03/07 Southend Community in Harmony Partnership (SCHIP) held a charity fund raising event at the Tandoori Parlour restaurant in Thundersley, Essex.
A disagreement arose after calls of "you traitor" led to a large heated argument between several Southend Conservatives and the two Southend Independent Councillors, Terry and Dr Velmurugan.
Later on, David Amess MP and RAW Officer David Glover were talking inside the restaurant by the front window.  Mr Amess faced into the room whilst Mr Glover faced into the street.  Terry was outside the restaurant in the street and was repeatedly seen making the open fist (ie wanker) gesture towards Mr Amess' back.  There were several witnesses to the incident.  Terry later confirmed he was calling David Amess a wanker.

Insert further details.  David Glover states; "Terry was giving me a lift back to Westcliff".  "At first I thought he was just jiggling his car keys because he wanted to go"!  "When I sat in the car he said what were you talking to that wanker about"?
This may well have been the actual moment at which a cold war led to open hostilities.

In April 2010 Velmurugan was quoted as saying; "Nobody is my enemy. Everybody is my friend".  The trouble is his eccentric behaviour makes him appear to be insincere and deceitful.

Velmurugan stood as an independent candidate in the Thursday 6th May 2010 general election in Southend West.  He stated it was to protest at the Expenses Scandal )ie the UK Parliamentary Expenses Scandal).st the incumbent, David Amess MP.

In the ensuing period we had numerous problems with Jason Luty (see separate article).  He erroneously thought RAW was full of Independent activists.  It was not!
In late 2010 RAW started a petition to safeguard Westcliff Library from the threat of closure due to government cuts.
Terry collected signatures on RAW pre printed forms and was the only individual who did not attempt to return said forms to RAW/RAW 2012.
On Tuesday 01/02/11 an article appeared in the Leigh Times newspaper entitled "Campaign To Safeguard Library" regarding the Southend Libraries including the Kent Elms, Leigh, Westcliff and town centre branches.  It also mentioned a petition.  The accompanying photo shows Terry and five RAW members outside Westcliff Library.  They were described as "his campaign group".  There was no mention of RAW, it's members or the RAW Westcliff Library Petition (which was featured in the photograph).  We were extremely annoyed and contacted the Editor, Michael Guy Snr to complain about the misleading article.  He stated "we could only print what he told us"; ie print the information as relayed by Terry.  Once again Terry lied and took credit for the work of others.
In 2011 to 2012 we repeatedly asked Councillor Martin Terry to return all copies of the RAW Westcliff Library Petition to RAW/RAW 2012.

In June and July 2011 we were forced to expel eight members from RAW.  See separate article.

Around May 2012 Councillors Collins, Terry and Dr Velmurugan jointly set up Westborough Community Association (WCA) which included most of the expelled RAW members/supporters of the Pervert Peter Duncan.

On Monday 23/07/12 Councillor Martin Terry wrote to RAW/RAW 2012 Chairman Brenda Smith and stated "in effect this petition belongs to the community".  Terry subsequently submitted the petition to Southend Borough Council (SBC) as though it was his property.


On Sunday 08/07/12 Councillor Martin Terry wrote to RAW/RAW 2012 Chairman Brenda Smith and stated "in future all my residents association communications will be with Westborough Community Association".
Mid December 2012.  Once upon a time; A.
In mid December 2012 "Simon May and Nick Harris (of Southend Borough Council (SBC) ) confirmed that Resident's Association of Westborough (RAW) 2012 posters (without location of meetings) would not be displayed at Westcliff Library".  We had to omit said details from out posters due to harassment by several members of Westborough Community Association (WCA) which included most of the expelled RAW members/supporters of the Pervert Peter Duncan.
Friday 18/01/13.  Once upon a time; B.
On Friday 18/01/13 we made a formal complaint to SBC regarding the above policy.  We also specifically asked SBC to formally display it's policy (regarding library notice boards, notices and posters) within it's Libraries.  SBC chose not to comply with our request.

Monday 04/02/13.  Lost!
On Monday 04/02/13 we sent another eight copies of the above complaint to SBC as they "couldn't find it".  ED; Oh yeah?

Friday 11/04/14.  Sleeping Chickens. 
Cllr Martin Terry resigns, and ----- hibernates?  Sandra Wilkes, SCHIP Treasurer tries to contact Terry without success.  Brenda Smith of RAW and SCHIP Tries to contract Terry without success.  Sandra eventually contacted BT only to be told there was no faults on the line therefore the calls and emails were just not being answered.  Terry was unavailable for eight months.  Believe it or not, this chicken wants to be the next Essex
day 16/05/13.  Headless Ch
SBC eventually replied to the above complaint in writing after four months.  Sue Hewitt, Information Governance Officer, Complaints Lead, had stated in a telephone conversation that the Corporate Directors were passing the complaint between themselves and running about like headless chickens in order to avoid answering the complaint. 

Thursday 11/07/13.  Stabbing.
Fairfax Drive was cordoned off by Essex Police just after 1900 hours following a report of an altercation after a young man had been stabbed.  By coincidence; we happened to be in Fairfax Drive at the time and came across Michaela Simms of WCA.  A conversation led to a rather interesting exchange of information.  See Sound Bites. 

Friday 20/06/14.  Echo Article. * 
Chairman Brenda Smith and Secretary David Glover appear in the Echo local newspaper.  David Glover coins the phrase "Wild Westborough" for past and present conditions within the Ward.   

Friday 01/08/14.  Fly tipping.
Super Alley Clearance part A started on Friday 01/08/14.  See article.

Thursday 07/08/14.  Fly tipping.
Super Alley Clearance part A completed on Thursday 07/08/14.  See article.

Thursday 07/08/14.  Fly tipping.
Super Alley Clearance part B completed on Thursday 07/08/14.  See article.

Fly tipping.
Super Alley Clearance part C TBA.

Thursday 14/08/14.  Fly tipping.
On Thursday 14/08/14 further fly tipping!  More Standard Recorders found in alleyway.  See article.

Monday 18/08/14.  Newsflash.
On Sunday night 17/08/14 and Monday morning 18/08/14; two blocks of flats in Westborough Ward were set alight by an arsonist.
Socata House (on 17/08/14), at 547 London Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, SS0 9LH and the flats above Tesco's Express (on 18/08/14), at numbers 671- 673 a b London Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, SS0 9PD were both damaged by fire.  Essex Police have detained the culprit.

Saturday 14/09/14.  Newsflash.
On Saturday 14/09/14 Westborough Road, Westcliff on Sea, was blocked by Essex Police due to a road traffic accident (RTA).
Around 1200 hours a Lt Blue Ford C Max driven by a male was involved in an RTA.  The Ford was in Westbourne Grove (one way) and was driven left into Westborough Road to avoid a long queue and subsequently collided with a traffic island.  A female passenger was taken to Southend General Hospital by ambulance but later discharged.
Westborough Road was closed by Essex Police and Cory Personnel attended to clear the road of debris, fuel and oil.
The car lost the base of its engine and the remainder was pushed towards the rear of the vehicle.  Sort of; front engined to rear engined to no engine!
Around 1500 hours a low loader removed the undrivable vehicle.
Around 1600 hours the road was reopened.
RAW 2012 wishes to thank Cory staff; Craig, Grant and John for their fast and very impressive clear up.
We have previously asked for a yellow box at this notorious junction and will continue to campaign for same. 
No traffic islands were harmed in the making of this report.

Thursday 18/09/14.  Property Auction.
Redundant Westcliff Health Care Centre, Westborough Road, Westcliff on Sea, will be auctioned.  Starting price; from £160,00.  More flats no doubt?

Thursday 18/09/14.  Scottish Referendum; voting.
Will they be; stupid enough to say yes or sensible enough to say no?


Friday 20/09/14.  Scottish Referendum; results.
They were sensible enough to say no!
Thank God; otherwise the Scottish bank notes might have looked like this!
Congratulations to Camoron, Cleggy and Milliwit on their Pyrrhic victory!  Morale of the story; never underestimate your opponents. 
Hero of the hour; Gordon Brown MP.  Unsung hero; George Galloway MP.  Adversity (or politics or warfare) makes strange bedfellows.

Will the ex party leader seek employment with another newly aspiring state or as a 2nd hand car salesman?
Friday 20/09/14.  Newsflash.
On Friday 20/09/14 Southend and Westcliff suffered heavy overnight rain.  City Beach, Southend seafront was deluged and seafront traders were flooded for the second time (as in August) this year.  City Beach aka City Swamp is a large shared space where cars, pedestrians and sea/rain water form a heady mix like open air dodgems.
Fairfax Drive, Westcliff was also deluged and shops were flooded for the second time this year.  Passing cars exacerbated problems by causing bow waves. The Golden Rule is; don't drive in water unless necessary.
So, in other words;
1, Don't drive in water,
2, If you have to drive in water the less depth the better,
3, If you have to drive in water drive as slowly as possible to prevent
    engine flooding and loss of traction.

Tuesday 30/09/14.  Newsflash.
The case of Mr Martin Goldberg, Deputy Head of Thorpe Hall School, who was recently found dead, is to be referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission after Essex Police took nine months to investigate the possession of photographic images of young boys.
UK authorities were made aware of said images by Canadian Police from Toronto. 
Was he part of a paedophile ring?

Tuesday 07/09/14.  ITV News poll.
A new ComRes poll for ITV News found 56% of people think the Lib Dems have become irrelevant, while just 26% disagree.

Thursday 09/10/14.  UKIP win Clacton Bye Election.
Douglas Carswell romps home in the Bye Election in Clacton, Essex to become UKIP's first MP.  
Votes were as follows; Douglas Carswell (UKIP) 21,113, Giles Watling (Con) 8,709, Tim Young (Lab) 3,957, Chris Southall (Green) 688 and Andy Graham (LD) 483 (who?).
Saturday 25/10/14.  Disturbance.
Further details TBA. Hildaville Drive.

Sunday 09/11/14.  Fly tipping.
Alley Clearance.  Further details TBA.

Further dumping?
Further details TBA.

Thursday 20/11/14.  UKIP win Rochester and Strood Bye Election.
Mark Reckless romps home in the Bye Election in Rochester and Strood, Essex, to become UKIP's second MP.  
Votes were as follows: Mark Reckless (UKIP) 16,867, Kelly Tolhurst (Con) 13,947, Naushabah Khan (Lab) 6,713, Clive Gregory (Green SNTR) 1,692 and Geoff Juby (Lib Dem) 349 (who?).

Monday 08/12/14.  Excellent window display by Kris Sale and Ashley Sale of Sale Appliances, London Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex.  Inventive salesman Kris asked his son to produce the window display using Henry vacuums.  Well worth a look. 

Wednesday 31/12/14.  Congratulations.
Our patron; David Amess MP, will be knighted in the New Year's Honour List.  He has 32 years of service in the Commons since first being elected to Westminster in 1983.

Wednesday 11/02/14.  Barbie Bus!

Harriet Harman has hit the campaign trail in her pink battle van - amidst a storm of ridicule on social media.
  Oh dear; oh dear!
 Image result for barbie bus               Image result for barbie bus   
Image result for barbie bus        Image result for barbie bus
Top left; Picture of the Pink Battle Wagon from Labour.  Top right; The nun muse is a rather ingenious parody of the "Image from Rochester" tweet by Emily Thornbury MP (Lab) on 20/11/14.  Bottom left; The girl in red is from a Tory Election Video parodying the pink van.  Bottom right; Nice pictures of Harriet Harman and colleague.  Shame about the van!
Tuesday 17/02/15.  Fly tipping.
A wooden single bed frame, cardboard boxes,large cushion and sideboard were dumped outside 366 Westborough Road.  We reported the matter to Southend Borough Council and Cory Personnel promptly collected it.   
Friday 20/02/115.  Essex Police.
Another eight cases referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission regarding Essex Police rape case investigation.  This is in addition to the previous twenty referred cases!  Keystone Cops strike again?

Saturday 01/03/15.  Barbie Bus!
Labours's pink battle van was originally white but nobody told the DVLA it had been repainted.  Oops!

Monday 02/03/15.  Parking.
Westborough Road is chock a block with vehicles parked on pavements.  The cause of damaged footpaths, surface water gutters and kerbstones.  More to follow on this story.
 uesday 03/03/15. Fly tipping.Reported to SBC.  Further details TBA.

Thursday 05/03/15.  Prang.  Aircraft crash.
Harrison Ford walked away "virtually unscathed" after his 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR trainer suffered engine failure and a forced landing onto a golf course around the eighth hole at Penmar Golf Course, Venice just outside Santa Monica Airport, Los Angeles. 
Image result for ford air crash pictures            Image result for harrison ford crash pictures
  Image result for harrison ford crash pictures        Image result for harrison ford crash picturesImage result for harrison ford crash pictures
Sorry; just couldn't resist  these pictures or the following pun!.  Click on Boba Fett for more muses.
Friday 06/03/15.  Prang.  Airshow crash. 
Southend Airshow has "crashed" and will not go ahead on the seafront due to cost of Policing, road closures and refuse collection. The unlucky organisers were unaware of the cost despite SBC stating they had been informed.  We are well aware of SBC's vague information policy and tend to believe the organisers.  Shoeburyness is not suitable due to the MOD ranges.  Canvey Island anyone?  Hadleigh Country Park anyone?  Southend; definitely not!

Tuesday 10/03/15. Fly tipping.
Reported to SBC.  Further details TBA.  mttrss 21 bgs

  Will they listen to the electorate?  Will they heck!
The official; “long" general election campaign began on Friday 19/12/14 and the “short” general election campaign began on March 30/03/15, when Parliament was dissolved.
Polling day for General and Local Elections will be on Thursday 07/05/15.

 Image result for picture english flag            Image result for picture english flag  
The flag of St George (and England).

Thursday 07/05/15.  UK General and Local Elections.
The most likely outcome will be another hung parliament as in 2010!  
Don't forget to vote!

Friday 08/05/15.  UK General and Local Elections Results.
Locally Sir David Amess (Con) is reelected and Chas Willis (Lab) wins in Westborough Ward.
Nationally the
Conservatives win the 2015 UK General Election.  Labour is trounced everywhere especially by the SNP in Scotland.  The Lib Dems are virtually wiped out; some would say fitting retribution for their sins.  UKIP do quite well but their votes are not translated into seats.

One funny meme showed David Cameron alongside the words 'We are never ever getting back together' - from a Taylor Swift song - in reference to the coalition with the Lib Dems

One of the best online muses (with thanks to Miss Taylor Swift).  AKA Eton Boy in a monkey suit! 

Friday 22/05/15.  Earthquake.
At about 0257 hours the
European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre, based in Paris, recorded an earthquake measuring 4.3 on the Richter scale.  They tweeted; “M4.3 earthquake strikes 46km SE of Southend on Sea (United Kingdom)”.

Several other agencies also recorded varying measurements.
RAW 2012 Secretary David Glover was in his bathroom at the time and felt the tremors; "I heard and felt two mild rumblings but that's enough about my plumbing"!

Wednesday 24/06/15.  Fly tipping.
Reported to SBC.  Large pile of refuse, DIY materials and a fridge were dumped on the footpath behind Tesco's, London Road, Westcliff.
Cory promptly collected the refuse the following day.

Sunday 28/06/15.  Vulcan fly past.
Avro Vulcan XH588 flies over Southend Airport and XL426, it's stationary sister as part of the 2015 Final Retirement Tour.  Both aircraft were in the same squadron in the 1980's.

Friday 26/06/15.
Sir David Amess attended the Feast Day Celebrations at St Thomas More High School in Westcliff on Sea, Essex.
This photograph of Southend MP Sir David Amess dressed as a knight is brilliant

This photograph of Sir David was later released in July by his Constituency Office.

The event included a included a morning mass, falconry and a jousting re-enactment.


Sunday 05/07/15.  Stabbing; murder most foul.
Mr Jeffrey Shepherd, 50, was found dead inside 169 Beedell Avenue, Westcliff. 

Sunday 26/07/15.  Newsflash.

Friday 10/07/15.  Update; re above.
Mr Carlyle Daley was charged with murder at Chelmsford Crown Court on Wednesday 07/07/15.

Tuesday 28/07/15.  Update; re above.
The St Saviour’s Housing Association charity will sell their property at 169 Beedell Avenue after the murder (see above) and numerous incidents of anti social behaviour.

Tuesday 28/07/15.  Update; re above.
The 120 year old former ABC Cinema and New Empire Theatre in Alexandra Street, Southend suffered a major fire which began in the roof and spread downwards causing the roof to collapse onto the first floor auditorium.  Essex County Fire and Rescue Service have recorded the fire as deliberate and Essex Police will investigate accordingly.

Saturday 15/08/15.  Thunder birds are go!
Avro Vulcan XH588 visited her sister at Southend Airport.  Around 15.30 hours a spectacular amount of engine noise was followed by the sight of the V-Bomber climbing during take off and displaying her massive delta wing as she banked into a north westerly direction.     engine noise was quite spectacular!was quite spectacular!

Sunday 23/08/15.  Fly tipping.
Reported to SBC.  Pile of refuse, etc, etc, dumped in alleyway behind Porter's public house.  Cleared and placed outside Alpha Print, Westborough Road; prior to collection by Cory on Tuesday.  Evidence of underage drinking is apparent.  Insert; 16/6/1.

Monday 24/08/15.  Update; re above.
Fly tipping collected a day early by Cory.

More to follow. 
Tuesday 24/08/15.  Fly tipping.
Reported to SBC.  Another pile of refuse, etc, etc has been added in the same spot outside Alpha Print in Westborough Road; one day after the weekly collection!

Tuesday 24/08/15.  Fly tipping.
More at another location.  This one's even "better"; not!

Insert details as per above.

Thursday 27/08/15.  Skateboard suicide?
A skillful Arriva bus driver narrowly avoided an accident at the infamous shared space outside Southend Victoria Train Station.
skateboarder who rode into the path of the oncoming bus.  The bus continua

The bus was decelerating into the bus stop to collect passengers when a skateboarder rode from the pavement into the path of the oncoming bus.  Having made no attempt to stop; the boarder subsequently fell off his board in front of the stationary bus.   

Allowing pedestrians and vehicles to share a mixed space might be considered highly inappropriate.  Will a death have to occur before before officials change the design?
Friday 11/09/15. 
Flypast of a BAC Jet Provost over Westcliff in a NNW direction at approx 17.00 hours.  Nice!
Saturday 12/09/15.  Own goal!
Labour elect Jeremy Corbyn MP as party leader thus ensuring Tory government until the year 3055.  I blame all those last minute llamas, cats, pet rocks and Tories; oops I mean voters, who chose Mr Corbyn.  Seriously though; wouldn't it been a little teeny bit sensible to have ensued new members could not have voted for a qualifying period such as a year in order to prevent ballot rigging

wo typical Labour Party Voters?  ED;  You just wanted as to include a llama photo!  Well; yes.  They are so cute!  
Image result for cats pics                                         Image result for picture pet rock  
     A cat.  This one might be a Tory.                                            A pet rock.  This one might be a Green.

Sunday 27/09/15.  
Flypast of a formation of two Pumas and two Gazelles (Helicopters; not Labour members) over Westcliff in a N direction at approx 1630 hours.

Day Date?  New Consumer Law.
Further details to follow.

Monday 05/10/15.  Excess baggage?
The Tories introduce a 5p charge on plastic bags in England.  There are numerous rules and exceptions including Goldfish.  Once again our glorious leaders don't seem to think outside the box.  Why not insist all bags be made out of paper (except for the obvious exceptions)?  Duh!
Friday 16/10/15.  Black Horse RIP.
Farewell to the last bank in Westborough (or in Westcliff?).  Lloyds Bank, Westcliff on Sea branch at 447 London Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, SS0 9LQ closed permanently on Friday 16/10/15.  ED; Hamlet Court Road might still have a bank. 

Tuesday 15/12/15.  Leaping Heap RIP.
It's five years since Harriers from RAF Cottesmore in Rutland took to the skies for the very last time on Wednesday 15/12/10.  Sadly gone but not forgotten!

In 2010 the final Harrier flypast took place over 10 Downing Street.
 The soon to be disbanded No 1 Squadron, RAF paid tribute to the PM for one last time!

The Harriers were scrapped by the Conservative/Lib Dem government in 2010 after an expensive refit and refurbishment and well before the end of their useful service life.
The Jaguars were scrapped by the Labour government in 2007 after an expensive refit and refurbishment and well before the end of their useful service life.
Sounds familiar? 
One may wonder; whether there's any limit to the money that can be wasted by government?
Not to mention Chinook, Nimrod, Health Tourists, Legal Aid for Asylum Seekers, EU membership fees and Foreign Aid, etc, etc.

Monday 14/12/15.  SCHIP Meeting.
Guest speaker; Council Leader Ron Woodley (Ind).

David Glover asked as to whether small recycling centres could be reinstated at places such as Hamlet Court Road.  Mr Woodley replied; "It was not possible on grounds of cost". 

Alan Grubb appeared out of the woodwork to repeat the very same question he was asking over five years ago in 2011!  He asked about rail and transport links to Southend Airport.  Mr Woodley replied; "It's nothing to do with us, the Airports' in Rochford".  See Sound Bites.

In 2012 Essex Police warned the Grubbs stay away from the RAW Executive Officers.

Recently the Grubbs have attended SCHIP meetings.  We find this behaviour to be profoundly harassing and intimidatory.  More to follow.
Recently the Grubbs have started to attend SCHIP meetings.  As such we find this behaviour to be profoundly harassing and extremely intimidatory.  More to follow.  x3/1
Recently the Grubbs have attended SCHIP meetings.  We find this behaviour to be profoundly harassing and intimidatory. his Expelled RAW member Alan Grubb makes a malicious complaint regarding RAW to Essex Police.


Wednesday 16/12/15.
We read the November 2015 issue of the "Westborough intouch" leaflet from the Conservatives which featured local prospective candidate Daryl Peagram.  It contained some apt and highly amusing comments about the "turncoat candidates" ie; "ex Labour / indie / UKIP flipflopper Dr Vel, Labour defector Dr Vel and Lib Dem reject David Webb".

Friday 25/12/15.
Another excellent window display by Kris Sale and Ashley Sale of Sale Appliances, London Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex.  The window display used Henry vacuums.  Well worth a look. 

On Tuesday 29/12/156 at 15.45 we visited Westcliff Library and noticed two posters from Westborough Community Association (WCA) were displayed on a noticeboard which has
been given over to "Friends of Westcliff Library" (FOWL).
We believe this to be a breach of the Equality Framework for Local Government as notices and posters from community groups have not been displayed on notice boards in Southend Libraries since autumn 2015.  In addition said behaviour may be in breach of the Equality Act 2010 and the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

Southend Borough Council was asked to no avail to display it's policy regarding notices and posters over three years ago.  More to follow.  

Sunday 17/01/16.  Totally ridiculous!
Labour leader Jeremy Corbin proposes to retain Trident Submarines minus their missiles and warheads!  What's next; cars without wheels to prevent traffic accidents?  Joke; What does Corbyn call a bus without tyres?  A railway carriage!

Friday 26/02/16.  Newsflash.
The nemesis to Martin "Tealeaf" Terry has returned.  Jason "Loopy" Luty is back in Southend and has rejoined the Conservative Party!  Holy Crash bang wallop!  Sing to Batman theme tune.  Da da, da da, da da, da, daa daa, twat-man!

Saturday 27/02/16.  Pot calling kettle black.
You won't believe this one!  Alan Grubb is playing up again.  In another part of this website (see Sound Bites) we use a specific three word phrase with sole reference to Peter Duncan.  Grubb has accused us of referring to him directly by use of the same term.  Is Grubb hallucinating or on LSD?  Does he need to visit the opticians?  More to follow.
Inline image
A special message to Alan Grubb from the Easter Bunny!

In 2012 Essex Police warned the Grubbs to stay away from the RAW Executive Officers.  See Expulsions lists/facts and Sound Bites.

Recently the Grubbs have attended SCHIP meetings.  We find this behaviour to be profoundly harassing and intimidatory.  More to follow.
Monday 14/03/16.  SCHIP Meeting.
Brenda Smith and David Glover gave their third (ED; Yes, 3rd report) to the SCHIP trustees regarding the eight eight expelled RAW members including Peter Duncan.  SCHIP Chairman Chris Sternshine stated the matter would be recorded as a child protection matter.  It was recorded as a child protection issue by

Guest Speaker; Mr Owen Jones from Hope Not Hate.  Quite interesting.
Alan Grubb attends despite the police warning to avoid RAW members.  As such we find this behaviour to be profoundly harassing and extremely intimidatory.  More to follow.  x4
Recently the Grubbs have attended SCHIP meetings.  We find this behaviour to be profoundly harassing and intimidatory. his Expelled RAW member Alan Grubb makes a malicious complaint regarding RAW to Essex Police.

Friday 18/03/16. 
Sir David Amess MP receives a full briefing re recent events in Westborough Ward.  More to follow. including grubby wubby

Friday 18/03/16.
A child safeguarding issue became apparent in Chalkwell Park.  More to follow.

Friday 18/03/16.
RAW 2012 Secretary David Glover has reported Alan Grubb to Essex Police for harassment.  More to follow.

Friday 18/03/16.
RAW 2012 Chairman Brenda Smith has reported Alan Grubb to Essex Police for harassment.  More to follow.

Friday 01/04/16.
Sir David Amess MP receives a full briefing re recent events in Westborough Ward.  More to follow. including grubby wubby

Friday 22/04/16.  Amateur Hour. 
On Wednesday 20/04/16 WCA held a hustings for the forthcoming local elections.  Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Candidate Cllr Martin Terry (Ind) was invited as a guest speaker to talk about (ED wait for it) the PCC Elections!  After complaints by the Conservatives his appearance was cancelled.
Properly run hustings never have time for additional speakers.  Watch Question Time each week!  As for the highly inappropriate conflict of interests which may have amounted to undue influence; all we can say is Westborough Community Amateurs live up to their nickname.

Thursday 05/05/16.  Local Elections.

In the Local Elections Westborough went to Labour (as predicted) with Anne Jones replacing the awful Dr Velmurugan.  It would have been his turn to become Mayor upon re election.  However; his campaign was not helped when he said he would retire as a GP if he became Mayor thus giving his patients a dilemma.  A bit like Turkeys voting for Christmas.

Our sources state Flip Flop will be retiring soon as a GP.  Looks like the Turkeys were, after all, in a no win situation.

Flip Flop later stated; "backstabbers cost him the election", in full page advert in the Leigh Times. ++

Not Flip Flop's disastrous admission in council that the other Ward councilors did all his work, (and had done so for years)?
Not Flip Flop's disastrous campaign with misleading comments about his retirement as a GP?
Not Flip Flop's two faced behaviour with his patients and voters? 
No; backstabbers! 

Of which, some might say; Flip Flop was and is a past master!    

Thursday 05/05/16.  PCC Elections.
In the PCC Election Martin Terry stood under the banner of "Zero Tolerance Policing Ex Chief"!  WTF does that mean?  Evidently many voters at more than one polling booth complained of the misleading name.  Is Terry an ex police chief?  No!

Thursday 05/05/16.  So; it's official; Westborough Ward and the role of Essex Police and Crime Commissioner can be considered as Independent Free Zones!

May 2016.  Stop press.
The Conservatives return to run Southend aided by UKIP.

More Fly tipping.

Further reports to come.

Sunday 12/06/16.  Statement.estigation was carried out by a full investigation was carried out by
Essex Police have completed a full investigation following Alan Grubb's ridiculous accusation of Malicious Communication (regarding individuals named on this website) and found there was no case to answer.  Thus in layman's terms; one can not be malicious when you relate the truth.

See Group Information; Aims and Objectives of this Website.

Furthermore Essex Police examined our website and various other facts  including racist comments made by Dr Velmurugan.

Ironically; Grubb's massive waste of Police time and resources has resulted in a full validation of this website including further comments (which were discussed in detail with Essex Police) which will be revealed in due course.

Boring Alan aka Trigger has certainly lived up to his nickname! 

There will be more to follow.

Thursday 23/06/16.  Referendum Day aka Independence Day.  At long last; we will see an end to all that incessant campaigning and of course; Project Fear!  Our final chance to leave that very authoritan, nasty and undemocratic European superstate, aka the Fourth Reich.

Friday 24/06/16.  Who would believe it!  The Brexiteers won.  We're going to get our country back; or else!

July 2016.  Stop Press.

Dr Velmurugan is set to retire.  Negotiations are underway with proposals that his patients will go to the Valkyrie Health Centre.

They operate in an entirely modern and professional manner.

In fact; Flip Flop's patients will be in for something of a culture shock.

Friday 05/08/16.  Newsflash.

Two GP Surgeries close in Westborough leaving the Ward without any resident doctors.  Hardly surprising as this has been coming for a long long time.

Test; Mary had a little lamb.

Add RTC and Parade/church a/church b.

Test publish B.










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