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Essex Police.

"I bet they don't drink Carling Black Label".

"If only Heineken made Police Forces; it wouldn't be Essex"!

Whereas some individual Essex Police officers are excellent we can not unfortunately state the same the for Essex Police force as a whole.

The Chief Constable is virtually impossible to contact.

Various recent cases of domestic violence have not helped the image of Essex Police which was described in date as ?


Jeanette Goodwin.

Christine Chambers.
Shania Chambers.

Maria Stubbings.

Kirsty Humphrey.

We have found some of the reasons for inaction and decisions

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  • Maria Stubbings, 50, was strangled with a dog lead by her ex-boyfriend Marc Chivers, who had also killed a previous girlfriend
  • The IPCC said Ms Stubbings was not given adequate protection
  • Christine Chambers, 38, complained about violence from David Oakes for two years before he murdered her
  • The IPCC found the force's response was "inadequate"
  • Jeanette Goodwin, 47, was stabbed 30 times by her ex-partner Martin Bunch in front of her husband
  • The IPCC said Mrs Goodwin had called police before the attack but they did not recognise "urgent action" was needed


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