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Thursday 13/09/12.  Army Engagement Team Roadshow. 
British Army roadshow at the college campus with film, talk, Q & A session and buffet highlighting the Coalition Government's efforts to replace full time soldiers with reservists.  Invited delegates only.  Rather interesting!  They'll be reintroducing compulsory training with longbow next!  Report to follow.

The invited delegates met at the college campus.

We were treated to drinks in the atrium before we entered the soundproofed giant egg shaped Performance Pod lecture theatre.

We watched a film about the role of the modern British Army.

There was a subsequent talk by two army officers which was followed by a questions and answers session. 

We subsequently moved back into the main hall for a buffet and drinks.

The point of the roadshow was to promote the Army's recruitment policy and its' proposed reliance on increased reserves and reduced regulars.

One of the aims was to encourage employers to release reservists for periods of up to one year for regular tours of duty within regular units.

Several interesting points were raised; pay, terms, conditions and health.  Perhaps the most pertinent was of the mental health issues (MHI) with troops.

The official Army line was that recruits with mental health issues were discovered early during training and subsequently discharged.  Therefore there weren't any problems as soldiers leaving the Army after normal service did not have mental health issues.

The senior officer stated that mental heath issues were whipped up in the media and were a fiction.

The question of the numbers of troops and size of the Army arose.  Soldiers could be trained quickly if needs be.

We confirm basic phase 1 training takes from 14/23/26/28/49 weeks depending on the branch before phase 2 specialist raining.  No so quick!  

We managed to speak to several regular and reserve soldiers.  One of the reservists was a teacher and had been away on active service for a year.  He was told not to increase his hours/tours of duty or go away again otherwise his contract at the school will not be renewed.

Our opinion; You can't run an army on the cheap!

Wednesday 28/11/12.  Partnership in Action Interfaith Summit.
The second Interfaith Summit will be held at the Tickfield Centre, Tickfield Industrial Estate, Tickfield Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 6LL from 1330 to 1645 hours.  Invited delegates only.

Report to follow.

More to follow.

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