Sound Bites part 2.

Over ten years ago David Glover suffered a serious spinal injury.  He walks with an obvious limp and often uses a stick.  Despite variable health he copes with tasks as best as he can.

As a result his garden became overgrown.  Southend Borough Council (SBC) received a single complaint and investigated to the mutual satisfaction of both parties (ie David and SBC).

Expelled RAW member Alan Grubb is a member of the local Labour Party, Southend Older People's Assembly and Westborough Community Association (WCA).

Our sources inform us that Grubb was aware of the complaint in detail despite the fact that the information was confidential to SBC.

It is logical to assume the only person who knew of the unique complaint would have been the complainant.

It is reasonable to assume Grubb was the informant; his motive may well have been malicious.  Would any decent person report a known invalid with an obvious disability unless they were out to cause trouble; in other words; upset, distress and discomfort.

Add; Fairmead, Tintern.
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